Saturday, February 8, 2014

Inspiring Dog Paintings

When making a portrait of a dog, I was curious to see what other artist have done. When researching, three paintings caught my eye. The first one is a front facing portrait of a dog's face with an interesting color background. I like this painting because it is so raw and the aesthetic beauty of the dog is mesmerizing.

The next painting is similar to the one I am making now. It is a golden retriever facing the viewer, I found this painting extremely helpful because I am struggling to make the body of the dog realistic, especially the thick coat of fur. The simplicity of this piece makes it that much more beautiful to look at.

The last painting's facial features blew me away. The greenish-brown eyes captivated me, and I immediately felt a connection to the painting and the artist. I want my pice to incorporate all these aspects, and I want to make a realistic and aesthetically pleasing portrait. 

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