Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Art

Art can come from many places, it can be made on a computer and by hand. A common trend throughout professional artists is a strong foundation when they were younger. The PROCESS makes the art important. It leads the viewer through one's journey and allows them to interoperate the instinctive choice one makes. Work make one always online, art is different and until you can see how every piece is unique and special in their own way, you won't be able to appreciate it. Art sometimes takes teamwork, especially on large murals. Art designs can be multifaceted. Work is both appropriate for a museum and inappropriate when it losses its essence in a museum. Different moods can often determine what design one chooses to make. A common goal is to make a work that is consistent and cohesive and always evolving. You artwork should be your signature, no need to physically write it. Architecture software is helpful for artists to experiment and try out new designs. Art can be in music, the beautiful thing about art is that there are no boundaries. Young artist attitude toward making art are energetic, determined, and focused. The chance to create a piece that represents you and what you stand for gives chill throughout your body, but the accomplishment and satisfaction of accomplishing your goal brings you back to reality. New Art is entirely subjective. It depends on how one views art. The freedom of making art can be harnessed to improving one's piece or leave them confused and unsure of what to make. But through the many choices within art, the one intangible thing is the passion that artist share to make their dreams a reality.

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