Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Austin Kleon & Kirby Ferguson

Austin Kleon:

The first poster says to take control. To be a successful artist one must posses ten essential qualities that make them always prepared for the unexpected.

The first point is controversial because each artist may take a concept from another artist's work and apply their own skills to make it different, but no modern artwork is really the first of its kind. To be different one must explore the necessary tools that set them apart from the rest. Personally, I think the ninth point is the most surprising. I have always been cautious to plan out my project with many ideas before I start. By stripping down the project to its necessary materials I can be more productive and efficient.

Kirby Ferguson:

New media made by old media will generate popularity
Everything is a remix- need creativity
Remixes are made up of copy, transform and combine
Songs have similar melodies that might have been borrowed
The words are the most important part

Even if we don't recognize it we are transforming old work into new ideas. though it may not be copying some variation is derived from a previous source.


Always try to experiment with new ideas and concepts that will make your work distinct.
Never be scared to show your work for constructive advice to improve your craft.

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