Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Respons to Videos


Football and orchestra are related. Both deal with tiempo and rhythm. One person directing and leading a group, a quarterback and a conductor. Team plays like a flawless orchestra, smooth with a nice flow. Different instruments represent different players and groups within football. Need leadership of one person to direct each group to their perspective spots. Tom Brady is an unmatched conductor leading the Patriots to victory. Practice is at the heart of success. Hours are spent beforehand to be prepared for the physical task of their performance or game. During a performance or gameday, the leader needs to be aware and know what is going on around them. Pace and tempo are key elements that lead to a synchronice performance. Controlling and communication are import to be prepared. Symbols communicate fans and defense. Gestures are made to indicate who the ball is being thrown to. There is more to each one besides the harmony of mechanics. When the orchestra or plays come together the result is simply beautiful, or as Tom Brady would say, “A sight to see.”


Two years is a long time to spend on nothing. Comedy writing is not common, very secretive. Interesting process, first line needs to be funny right away. Simple, everyday foods are amazing to see and talk about. Yellow pads a key to being organized. Dark and hopeless moment, food can astonish a person and lead to a series of comical words. Very simple and direct saying that indicates a story. Needs connective tissue to have a smooth link, like connecting the pieces of a puzzle. This process is similar to songwriting, shaving words like jokes to get the punchline just right.  The ending is the scariest and hardest thing to write and needs the biggest laugh.

Find common threads with my work that will make it cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

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