Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First thoughts

Thinking about the many projects I could pursue excites me for whats to come in Senior Studio this winter and spring. I know I want to paint and focus on really fine, and detailed work. I think that the added use of colored pencils and pens will add nice precision. I am more of an independent worker so I feel that I will be working individually for the whole studio. I want to make both 2D and 3D work, as the studio progresses I want challenge myself with more complicated 3D work. I want to learn how to make the angles precise so I can make details on the floor of buildings or structures that will bring it to life. I want to work on major buildings and landmarks, especially I want to revisit the Taj Mahal and work for 4 weeks on it and really get into the detail. I look at classical pieces from Picasso and Hopper for inspiration and new ideas that can brighten my artwork. I doubt my artistic skill and feel that I can always improve on a piece that I often find myself trying to perfect.

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