Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First square assignment

During class we were each given a square in which we had to create an image that we felt represented the word on the front. My word was appropriation. At first I was confused about what the definition of appropriation was, but I thought that I could research it. When doing so, I found that appropriation means setting aside a sum of money for a specific purpose (is often associated with the government). As I read this I began to draw dollar bills, as if the were falling from the sky and landing on top of each other. I used a black sharpie to bring out the individual bills and make the picture come to life. I decided to outline the bills in red to symbolize how the government needs money to fuel and as humans, we need blood to survive, so the money and the red show the necessary role both play.

I later realized after talking to Ms. Patel that appropriation has a very different and significant meaning in art. In art, appropriation means using previously made objects without changing them signifcantly. An artist who made this term very popular was Andy Warhol. He was known for his recreation of the Campbell soup cans and Marylyn Monroe.

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