Saturday, December 14, 2013

About their processes

Chuck Close
Note to Self series, Chuck Close painter
14- eighth grade, should not go to college weak in math
good with hands, go to trade school
don’t let people define you
went to junior college in his hometown, went and took visual arts
influenced by learning disabilities
painting images of friends and family for memory
flattened out face can be remembered
inspiration is for amateurs others just work
great ideas grew out from his work
stick with the process
don’t have to reinvent the wheel everyday
eventually you will get somewhere
mentors can make you feel special regardless of results, everyone needs to feel special
gift in tragedy, will get past the absolute worst thing
death of father made his disability easier
break down a big problem into smaller pieces

Keltie Ferris
Can’t be on her own that much
rough transition from school to painting full time
no reason to leave the house, everything done at her home
guilt in being an artist, other more proactively positive career choices in the world
doesn’t know if she has succeeded
uniqueness in her mark making process, struggles with that
different stages of paintings
look out the window to get away from her work

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