Saturday, December 14, 2013

About their processes

Chuck Close
Note to Self series, Chuck Close painter
14- eighth grade, should not go to college weak in math
good with hands, go to trade school
don’t let people define you
went to junior college in his hometown, went and took visual arts
influenced by learning disabilities
painting images of friends and family for memory
flattened out face can be remembered
inspiration is for amateurs others just work
great ideas grew out from his work
stick with the process
don’t have to reinvent the wheel everyday
eventually you will get somewhere
mentors can make you feel special regardless of results, everyone needs to feel special
gift in tragedy, will get past the absolute worst thing
death of father made his disability easier
break down a big problem into smaller pieces

Keltie Ferris
Can’t be on her own that much
rough transition from school to painting full time
no reason to leave the house, everything done at her home
guilt in being an artist, other more proactively positive career choices in the world
doesn’t know if she has succeeded
uniqueness in her mark making process, struggles with that
different stages of paintings
look out the window to get away from her work

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Respons to Videos


Football and orchestra are related. Both deal with tiempo and rhythm. One person directing and leading a group, a quarterback and a conductor. Team plays like a flawless orchestra, smooth with a nice flow. Different instruments represent different players and groups within football. Need leadership of one person to direct each group to their perspective spots. Tom Brady is an unmatched conductor leading the Patriots to victory. Practice is at the heart of success. Hours are spent beforehand to be prepared for the physical task of their performance or game. During a performance or gameday, the leader needs to be aware and know what is going on around them. Pace and tempo are key elements that lead to a synchronice performance. Controlling and communication are import to be prepared. Symbols communicate fans and defense. Gestures are made to indicate who the ball is being thrown to. There is more to each one besides the harmony of mechanics. When the orchestra or plays come together the result is simply beautiful, or as Tom Brady would say, “A sight to see.”


Two years is a long time to spend on nothing. Comedy writing is not common, very secretive. Interesting process, first line needs to be funny right away. Simple, everyday foods are amazing to see and talk about. Yellow pads a key to being organized. Dark and hopeless moment, food can astonish a person and lead to a series of comical words. Very simple and direct saying that indicates a story. Needs connective tissue to have a smooth link, like connecting the pieces of a puzzle. This process is similar to songwriting, shaving words like jokes to get the punchline just right.  The ending is the scariest and hardest thing to write and needs the biggest laugh.

Find common threads with my work that will make it cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Creative Habit, by Twyla Tharp

In Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit, Learned And Use It For Life, she compares scratching lottery ticket to beginning her piece. She uses these analogies and references to draw the viewer in and show them how art can be related to many different things that we see everyday. The messages is that artwork comes in many forms. Whether you are four-star Manhattan chef, an architect, or a phone director, art is used in life every day regardless whether it's intentional. The use of comparison is important, comparing big ideas and little ideas allows the viewers to see the difference between good and bad. She says that the little ideas of the most important because when you have to scratch and find a little ideas, the big ideas will come up and then lead a foundation for your work. Improvising plays a big role in art just like scratching, you need to be on your feet and make sure to take risks and see what works. If it's not visually appealing, this process can be repeated until it is successful. Simple things like everyday conversation can be used to enhance your piece and generate new ideas to use towards future projects. Overall Tharp says that reading, conversation, environment, culture, heroes, mentors, nature are all lottery tickets for creativity if you scratch them you'll see how big of a prize you one. Tharp states to never scratch twice in the same place, this will just be repetition and not add new creativity to the piece. Another important part is to not over plan.  This can lead to confusion. Having cohesive plan is necessary to make an efficient and productive piece. 

Why is overplanning a negative?

Is art too complex to understand its true meaning?

Do all these methods to be creative interfere with the motive and strategy behind creating a visually stunning and cohesive piece?

Additional points:
Tharp says scratching is the method one has to do in order to find smaller ideas that will lead to a piece. When Tharp says to experiment, I feel that this is the most important lesson. Trying new ideas is important and taking risks can often pay off. 
Ms. Tharp also gives several warnings. Which of these warnings do you think could apply to you and how you can you see using her advice to combat them?
The most important part of advice is not to over plan. This can derail one from their project and cause confusion when creating their piece.

First square assignment

During class we were each given a square in which we had to create an image that we felt represented the word on the front. My word was appropriation. At first I was confused about what the definition of appropriation was, but I thought that I could research it. When doing so, I found that appropriation means setting aside a sum of money for a specific purpose (is often associated with the government). As I read this I began to draw dollar bills, as if the were falling from the sky and landing on top of each other. I used a black sharpie to bring out the individual bills and make the picture come to life. I decided to outline the bills in red to symbolize how the government needs money to fuel and as humans, we need blood to survive, so the money and the red show the necessary role both play.

I later realized after talking to Ms. Patel that appropriation has a very different and significant meaning in art. In art, appropriation means using previously made objects without changing them signifcantly. An artist who made this term very popular was Andy Warhol. He was known for his recreation of the Campbell soup cans and Marylyn Monroe.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First thoughts

Thinking about the many projects I could pursue excites me for whats to come in Senior Studio this winter and spring. I know I want to paint and focus on really fine, and detailed work. I think that the added use of colored pencils and pens will add nice precision. I am more of an independent worker so I feel that I will be working individually for the whole studio. I want to make both 2D and 3D work, as the studio progresses I want challenge myself with more complicated 3D work. I want to learn how to make the angles precise so I can make details on the floor of buildings or structures that will bring it to life. I want to work on major buildings and landmarks, especially I want to revisit the Taj Mahal and work for 4 weeks on it and really get into the detail. I look at classical pieces from Picasso and Hopper for inspiration and new ideas that can brighten my artwork. I doubt my artistic skill and feel that I can always improve on a piece that I often find myself trying to perfect.